Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rapid River Falls - Rapid River, Michigan

Rapid River
Rapid River, MI

Located in a county park just off of US-41, the Rapid River drops over limestone shelves here in sections, the biggest being 3-4 feet. As you are looking at these falls, the largest drop is on the right, and depending on water flow, you may be able to walk across the river by rock hopping or may see very little of the shelf drops as they may be underwater. There is a nice informative sign at the park about the geology of the river and the coloring it gives the river. The photo above shows the falls in September of 2009, while this one below shows them in June of 2010 - quite a contrast!

Getting there: From US-2's intersection with US-41 just west of Rapid River, take 41 north about 7 miles and look for the clear marked signs for the park and falls on the west side of the road. Turn left, follow this road to the park where there is ample parking, bathrooms and a playground - the river will be visible when you park.

Overall: OK to Good
Hike: Easy

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