Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kakabeka Falls - Ontario

Kaministiquia River
Kakabeka Falls, ON

As planning continues for my second Lake Superior Circle Tour this June, I decided to go back and share waterfall highlights of last year's trip. Kakabeka Falls isn't far away from Thunder Bay, and should be considered a "can't miss" part of any trip around Lake Superior. The falls drop over 125 feet here, and split around a rock outcropping in the middle. Located in an easily accessible provincial park (small fee), there are numerous vantage points to be had, handicap access, and viewing platforms. There's even an old Ojibwe legend about a princess going over the falls, summed up here.

Getting there: From Hwy 17 in Thunder Bay, follow 11/17 west and watch for signs for the provincial park, it's about 30 km outside of town.

Overall: Excellent
Hike: Easy

Stay tuned for more Lake Superior Circle Tour waterfall posts coming soon!

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