Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amnicon Falls State Park - Wisconsin

Amnicon River
Douglas County, WI

In stark contrast to yesterday's post about Kimball Falls, the multiple falls located in Amnicon Falls State Park are larger and much more powerful. The main section of the falls drops about ten feet, the river then passes under an old wooden bridge before dropping in the lower falls, a slide type falls dropping about twenty feet:
Taking the bridge across the river leads to a small island, and walking the perimtere of it is worth the half hour trip as there are several smaller falls and another drop above the upper falls. Here is Snake Pit Falls on the far side of the island:
A side trail from the parking lot features an overlook to the aptly named Now and Then Falls, which has never been more than a trickle when we've been there. I recently learned that the Wisconsin waterfall book I use is available on the Kindle (below), hope to see more of these added in the future - would be so much nicer than lugging around four to six books per trip!

Getting there: Outside Superior, at the US53/US2 split, take US-2 across Wisconsin, signs directing you to Amnicon Falls State Park will be on the highway. You are looking for County Road U to the north, a short drive on it will take you to the park entrance (fees apply). The park can also be reached from Hwy 13, but the route is a bit more complicated (still well signed).

Overall: Great
Hike: Easy

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