Monday, July 23, 2012

Hungarian Falls - Michigan

Hungarian Creek
Lake Linden, MI

A hidden treasure in the Keweenaw Peninsula, the five (or more) drops within a 15-20 minute walk around the Hungarian Creek is a reward for any waterfall entusiast that puts in the effort. It took us two separate trips to get the falls with significant flow, as the first time only the Upper Falls were worth it. The Upper Falls (above) have the biggest drop and are easily reached taking the right dirt path from where you park. The creek then flows in to a holding pond above a dam, which will be the next drop if water flow is high:
The path then crosses a bridge (not the sturdiest and full of holes) and there are several more areas where falls are possible if flow is high. Next up is a smaller set of drops best viewed from the south side of the river:
Shortly after that, a larger drop is reached, and the scenery here is great, as the creek drops 10-15 feet over shelfs of rock calmly dropping into a pool that reflects everything beautifully before the creek meanders on its way:
Finally, the creek takes its steepest drop shortly after this into a shaded canyon. I've never tried to get down into it for a view of the last falls, but decent views can be had from either side. Be careful here as it is steep and slippery.
Whew! Despite a few tricky climbs and not always the best water flow, this half hour hike has some amazing scenic views, and is barely 15 minutes northeast of Houghton.

Getting there: From M-26 in Lake Linden, head north on Sixth St. You'll go up a hill and start seeing trail roads. Take the third one on the left if the gate is open, and head in taking the right fork when they split and parking shortly after just below the dam. If the gate is closed, it is maybe a quarter mile hike in to the fork.

Overall: Good
Hike: Moderate

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