Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lester River Falls "The Shallows" - Duluth, Minnesota

Lester River
Duluth, MN

Just into Duluth is a large park area, where a river and creek continue their descent until they empty out into Lake Superior. The Amity Creek and Lester River here make at least 10 falls of different sizes, "The Shallows" or Lester River Falls are among the taller and more scenic. The river here drops about twenty-five feet over jagged rock face into a pool below - our June 2012 visit found a lot more water here than normal, due to the flooding. This is a well known hiking trail and would be a decent swimming spot when conditions allow. This used to be a footbridge over the river:
The video below shows a bit of the flood damage (we were about two weeks behind the worst of it):
Getting there: From Superior St. in Duluth, head north on Lester River Rd., for a little over a half mile and look for one of several dirt parking lots on the left. The trail skirts the east bank of the river, and the falls will be quite obvious when you get close, several side trails drop to the bank and falls.

Overall: Great
Hike: Easy

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