Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manganese Gorge Falls - Copper Harbor, Michigan

Manganese Creek
Copper Harbor, MI

Another very easy to reach waterfall in the Keweenaw Peninsula is found just outside of Copper Harbor on the Manganese Creek. The Manganese (Gorge) Falls drop over 40 feet into a gorge here, surrounded by lush forest. The view from the top is stunning in its simplicity, and several vantage points can be had. Getting into the gorge does not seem impossible, but is probably better left alone. The green moss clinging to the rock makes things a bit slippery near the edge, so be sure you have secure footing as you move around for a better view.

Getting there: From Copper Harbor, take Manganese Road to the south (there are brown signs pointing the way). You will drive through a campground then head up and around a bend on this seasonal road. The sign for, and the falls are on the left hand side, turnout on the right.

Overall: Good
Hike: Easy

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