Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mink Creek Falls - Marathon, Ontario

Mink Creek
Marathon, ON

A hidden gem west of Marathon, Ontario, Mink Creek Falls is well known to locals but doesn't appear in many tourist guides. The falls are similar to Bond Falls in Michigan, and are a popular spot for fishing - we passed a father and son on their way down as we were leaving. Wildlife in the area also seems to be abundant, we saw a wolf on the highway just before the falls and many fish in the creek. The falls are loud, secluded and very picturesque, splitting over a large rock as they drop 35 feet in their main section and then again several times below. The lower drops are decent as well:

The flora and fauna in the area includes a lot of trees, flowers and widlife:
Here is a video I shot in June 2012 on our first visit to the falls:

Getting there: a little more than 17 miles outside of Marathon, look for a dirt parking area to the north just after the power lines over the highway have plastis airplane warning balls on them. Across the highway, there is a trail leading down to the river and falls, and it is pretty obvious - but use caution - it is a bit slippery after rain. Following the river takes you to the bottom of the falls, a different trail goes to the top.

Overall: Great
Hike: Easy to Moderate

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