Friday, July 27, 2012

Potato River Falls - Wisconsin

Potato River
Gurney, WI

The most stunning falls I have seen in Wisconsin so far are located in the small blink-and-miss town of Gurney. Here, the Potato River makes a handful of upper drops before it makes a large, wide final drop before the river calms down. Getting to these falls is not easy, be prepared to get your feet wet but have a spectacular view! From the parking area, signs point to a wooden overlook for the Upper Falls:
It looks like you can hop the fence here and take a quick trip down to the Lower Falls, this is not a good idea and from personal experience I don't recommend it:
It took us a bit, but back off the road you drove in on, before the parking lot is a small sign for a trail that takes you to the river. Unfortunately it still puts you on the wrong side, so find a shallow spot to cross the river and take the western bank in towards the falls, there are several good size rocks which make for great viewing spots.

Getting there: From US-2 and its intersection with Hwy 169, take Hwy 169 south almost three miles through Gurney and take a right on Potato River Falls Rd., take that to its end and a few signs mark the way.

Overall: Great
Hike: Difficult

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