Monday, July 30, 2012

Tioga Roadside Park Falls - Michigan

Tioga River
Baraga County, MI

The falls at the Tioga River Roadside Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula will never be accused of being massive, and don't attract the attention as the nearby Canyon Falls do, but due to the ease of seeing them are worth a very short side trip. There are some small falls that cascade into a rocky gorge under a bridge near the parking lot, and a footpath takes visitors to the unnamed falls, quietly nestled in a back corner of the park. The falls drop in several sections, none more than five feet. The fall adds some great color to the area as well.

Getting there: As you are heading west towards Baraga on US-41, look for the roadside park on the left hand side of the road just past Nestoria. There are toilets and picnic tables, the rocky falls are right by the bridge next to the parking lot and a short footpath heads south to the unnamed falls.

Overall: Okay
Hike: Easy

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