Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trowbridge Falls - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Current River
Thunder Bay, Ontario

We caught Trowbridge Falls at a very high water level last month on the Lake Superior Circle Tour. We also caught them at a very busy time! It was a hot day in Thunder Bay, and there were quite a few people swimming in the river and in the falls as shown in the pictures and video. While not a huge single drop in any one area, the width of the river and its many drops make this a gorgeous setting in the easy to find Kinsmen Park. There is also a campground in the park.

Getting there: Heading into Thunder Bay on Hwy 17, take a right on Copenhagen Rd. and then a left into Kinsmen Park, find the parking lot near a large field with a swingset and walk down to the river.

Overall: Good
Hike: Easy

Here's a video of our experience at Trowbridge Falls:

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