Wednesday, August 8, 2012

High Falls, Pigeon River - Minnesota

Pigeon River
Grand Portage, Minnesota

While yesterday's Middle Falls are impressive, the High Falls seen above are among the most impressive in the entire state of Minnesota. While some don't consider them the "tallest in the state" because they are also in Canada, at 120 feet they dwarf all others along the North Shore. The sheer power of this waterfall is overwhelming - they are large, loud and the mist coming off of them often forms rainbows above the river.
The view of these falls is much better from the Minnesota side and are located inside Grand Portage State Park. A half mile, paved and boardwalk hiking trail leads visitors up the river and to several viewing platforms to see the falls. Informative signs along the way talk about the falls, the river, the history of the area and native plants and species.

Getting there: Grand Portage State Park is located just before the border crossing on Hwy-61 (or just after if coming from the north). The falls trail begins just behind the visitor's center.

Overall: Great!
Hike: Easy

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