Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Middle Falls, Pigeon River - Ontario

Pigeon River
near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The Middle Falls of the Pigeon River are not nearly as impressive as the High Falls (best seen from the American side) but are powerful in their own right - spanning the entire width of the 50 foot river and dropping about 20 feet in a thunderous rush. When we read about reaching these falls from the Ontario side we thought it would be more challenging than it was. The Pigeon River Provincial Park is described as unstaffed, but would better be described as deserted. We were a bit surprised to see grass covered parking lots, building remnants and no one else around!
We also got to spend some time photographing a very friendly fox along the side of 593:

Getting there: From Thunder Bay, take 593 (not marked well) to the north just before the border into the U.S. (or from Minnesota it is just after crossing the border, and follow it about half a mile until you see the falls on the left. Parking in the old parking lot is not a possibility with a car, so find a spot on the shoulder. We drove about 2 miles further looking for additional falls and did not see any with access.

Overall: Good
Hike: Easy

Here's a video of the fox, he was at the corner when we drove to the falls and still there when we came back:

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