Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Upper Tahquamenon Falls - Paradise, Michigan

Tahquamenon River
near Newberry, MI

The largest and most visited falls in Michigan are without a doubt the Upper Tahquamenon Falls. I felt no waterfall blog could be complete without a post about these majestic falls - so here it is. There isn't much more to say about these that hasn't been covered already, they are very easy to get to, the path is well maintained and there is a great gift shop and restaurant/brewpub near the parking lot. There are several vantage points for the falls, the one above is from the top of the falls - here it is easy to see the copper color of the river (especially in the fall). Above the falls is a popular place to throw change from what is observed below the river's surface:
The other vantage point involves taking the left trail at the split, this will put you down in the gorge at the river's edge for more of a straight-on look at the falls, albeit from further away:
On the way back to the parking lot, I highly recommend a side trip on the nature trail (still ends back at parking lot) which adds around a quarter mile to the trip back. The scenery is amazing in the fall, as the bright oranges and yellows of the leaves contrasts with the green of the pine and spruce making the entire area "pop."
The falls drop nearly 50 feet here, making them one of the largest sets of falls east of the Mississippi. A short drive back on M-123 wil take you to the Lower Tahquamenon Falls, not as tall, but equally impressive in their own way.

Getting there: From M-28 in Newberry or , take M-123 to signs for the state park and falls. Watch for wildlife int he many marshes and ponds along the way - moose have often been spotted through here.

Overall: Amazing
Hike: Easy (many steps)

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