Friday, September 14, 2012

Beaver River Falls - Beaver Bay, Minnesota

Beaver River
Beaver Bay, Minnesota

The thundering Beaver River Falls can be partially seen from Highway 61 near the small town of Beaver Bay. These falls make an excellent addition to any Lake Superior Circle Tour or North Shore waterfall trip, and are especially beautiful at high water. They were still impressive on our first visit, but when we came back in June 2012 the water was high and roaring, making for a splendid panorama. The best vantage point is found from a trail near the large parking lot at Lax Lake Rd. The falls drop in so many sections at times it is hard to get the entire thing in frame!
Getting there: From Hwy 61 make the turn (right from north, left from south) onto Lax Lake Rd, then take an immediate right into the parking lot. The best trail is located at the corner near the bridge and steeply works its way to the riverbank under the bridge (see video)

Overall: Good to Great
Hike: Easy

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