Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glen Avon Falls - Beaver Bay, Minnesota

Beaver River
Beaver Bay, MN

Unlike yesterday's Beaver River Falls, the spectacular Glen Avon Falls can not be seen from the road, but are worth the minimal extra effort to get to. A few short turns down back roads and a very minimal hike will put you at a wide river that drops and drops and drops as it makes its way downhill toward Beaver River Falls and eventually Lake Superior. This is a truly amazing place, plan on spending some time here - we first visited in 2011, and when we went back in 2012 I made sure I had a video camera as I feel pictures just don't do these falls justice.
While several of the bigger sets of falls come in at 8-10 feet in height, most of the drops are either more gradual, narrower, or shorter - and the rocks allow for a great deal of exploring and maneuvering to get the best photos possible.
Getting there: From the intersection of Hwy 61 and Lax Lake Rd. in Beaver Bay, turn onto Lax Lake Rd. Head north a little over a mile and a half, then take a left on County Road 3. After a mile, start looking for a dirt road on the left - both visits it has not been possible to travel down with our car so we parked on the side of the road and made the short trip to the river. Thanks to the North Shore waterfall book below, it's the main reason we found out about these beautiful falls!

Overall: Great
Hike: Easy

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