Friday, September 7, 2012

Jacobs Falls - Michigan

Jacobs Creek
Eagle Harbor, MI

Once again, we feature a Keweenaw Peninsula waterfalls that can easily be seen by car - this time it is the lovely slide falls known as Jacobs Falls.What appears to be a slide fall of about 20 feet is actually a series of falls, with several drops of 5' or more. Getting to the top part would require a lot of climbing and some unsure footing, but will reward you with several more sets of falls. There is a small dirt turnoff on the opposite side of the road from the falls - when we stopped by in Aug. 2012 three other cars followed suit - I love seeing others take an interest in Michigan's falls!!

Getting there: these falls are located on the side of M-26 between Eagle River and Eagle Harbor, marked by a brown roadside sign.

Overall: Good
Hike: Easy

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