Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Union Gorge Falls - Michigan

Little Union River
Porcupine Mountains State Park, MI

Located inside an outpost campground off of South Boundary Rd. in the beautiful Porcupine Mountains State Park, the Union Gorge Falls slide shallow water over a 100 plus foot drop in a forested setting. It is a short hike to reach the start of the falls, and the trail follows the river bank for a quarter mile, intersecting several times with the Union Mine Interpretive Trail. Several sections of 10-25 feet highlight the area, thin water most of the year, most likely the best time to visit is in the spring.
The rock is smooth and flat, so with the right shoes and a degree of common sense and caution, it is possible to get in the river itself and get a better, wider view while following the river upstream.
The first long drop has a small, three foot deep pool below it, adding to the calm of the area. When we first visited in the fall of 2009, no one was here - when we revisited in August 2012 the campground was full.

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