Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ogemaw Falls - Michigan

Ogemaw Creek
south of L'Anse, MI

The small falls found on Ogemaw Creek off of Baraga Plains Rd. are located about a hundred feet from the main road, but due to a deep gorge they are surrounded by lush forest making for a very picturesque setting. The "hike" to these falls is difficult and mostly downhill, and involves climbing over downed trees. The main, upper drop of the falls (above) is 6-8 feet high, and upon closer inspection we found that the creek drops 3-4 feet just below a small pool at the base of the main falls, then narrows and slides down the remainder of the gorge and out of view.
Photos are from a trip in May 2010 and the video below is from an August 2012 vacation.
Getting there: From US-41 south of L'Anse, turn onto Baraga Plains Rd.(left) and follow it a little over a mile until you see a pond on the left after a curve. Park near the pond, then look for a dirt drive on the right (straight uphill) just past the creek. Walk a little ways up this drive, then look for a way into the woods, and use common senses of sight and sound to guide yourself to the falls (which you should be able to hear by now).

Overall: Good
Hike: Difficult

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