Monday, November 19, 2012

Potawatomi Falls - Black River Scenic Byway, MI (2 of 5)

Black River
north of Bessemer, Mich.

For the second installment of Black River Scenic Byway, we look to the Potawatomi Falls, the only wheelchair accessible falls on the byway - and made that way by recent improvements. The river here divides again, with most of the water shooting over the left side of the conglomerate rock, forming a very unique waterfall.
The river makes a seamless transition here into the next falls on the trip, Gorge Falls, and the same parking lot can be used for both. In high water, the river also shoots over the right side of this formation, though it is usually just a trickle.
The video below features a combination of both falls since they are so close together, so consider it a previe of tomorrow.

Getting there: From US-2 in Bessemer, take CR-513 north almost 15 miles, this will be the second parking are signed by the National Forest Service (north of Great Conglomerate Falls).

Overall: Good
Hike: Easy

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