Saturday, November 17, 2012

Temperance River Gorge and Falls - Minnesota

Temperance River
Temperance River State Park
near Tofte, Minnesota

Somehow on several previous trips through Minnesota's North Shore, we had bypassed the lovely Temperance River State Park. I can't explain how we missed it, but when we finally did stop in 2012 we were blown away by hidden falls, and miles of hiking trails, as well as a well-worn gorge that the Temperance River rushes through on its way to Lake Superior.
One of the unique features on this river are the "Hidden Falls"- so called because of their location, tucked back behind rock outcroppings in a way that makes them hard to photograph but amazing to behold:
These falls are reached by taking the trails on the west side of Highway 61. The gorge and falls are reached by trails on the east side of the road, and feature several bridges constructed years ago by the Civilian Conservation Corps:
We sat here for almost an hour, taking in all of the surroundings - it would be very easy to spend half a day or more in this park. The video below does a better job of capturing the whole area, which proved hard to do with just one picture.

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