Monday, November 12, 2012

Yondota Falls - Marenisco, Mich.

Upper Presque Isle River
Marenisco, Mich.

One of the many great Upper Peninsula waterfalls located in the Ottawa National Forest, Yondota Falls is still secluded enough that it does not see much traffic. Parking near a bridge over the river and following a short, well-worn path will put you at a series of falls of various sized drops. The upper section has the largest drop, as part of the river forces its way into a small gorge on its trip downstream
Much like the nearby Kakabika Falls and Burned Dam Falls, this is an easy place to lose track of time while taking in the numerous drops of a powerful river, in a quiet forested setting. A trip back to the main trail and farther downstream will provide a view of more falls:
There are many places where climbing and rock-hopping can provide a closer view of parts of the falls. As always, use caution on rocks that look wet or slippery. The larger rocks on the riverbank have a pinkish tone to them and appear to be granite. I have seen a few pictures where heavy rainfall or spring melt makes the river so strong the entire section of the upper falls is covered with water.

Getting there: from US-2 near Marenisco, turn north on CR-523, go three miles to a bridge over the river. Cross that bridge, park on the opposite side and look for the falls sign and trailhead.

Overall: Good
Hike: Moderate

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