Thursday, December 13, 2012

Roberston Creek Falls - Ontario, Canada

Robertson Creek
Algoma District, Ontario
north of Sault Ste. Marie

Along with Upper Wolf River Falls and Mink Creek Falls, the two sets of drops that make up Robertson Creek Falls were a favorite from the Canadian portion of Lake Superior Circle Tour in 2012. It seems the difficulty of the journey makes the end result more rewarding, and we had to work a bit to get to these secluded falls.
We had the entire place to ourselves, no surprise considering the trip down a rough two-track road to get near the falls. The journey from that point gets interesting, as there is no formal path through the woods. We listened for the river, then made our way downhill, finding the first set of falls after about a quarter-mile rough downhill hike through thick underbrush:
While making our way upstream, I slipped on wet rocks and fell into the creek, getting pretty soaked but somehow saving both the camera and camcorder from damage. Here's a look at the first set of falls again, while I was still dry (the tree canopy made for some interesting colors when the pictures were done):
The main set of falls are worth the trip, as the creek makes close to a 20-foot drop into the gorge. Trees provide a roof of sorts over the entire area, but open a bit near these falls to let just a peek of sunlight in:
We found the information on these falls at and found them to be pretty accurate, we parked our car near this clearing:
Getting there: 30km north of Sault Ste. Marie, take a right turn off of Hwy 17 onto Buttermilk Ski Hill Rd. Take the first right on Robertson Lake Rd., you will pass the previously mentioned ski area, continue past that for about three miles total, and look for a wider spot in the road where you can park. Then it's all about finding the creek and getting down to it! The video below shows the terrain you'll have to navigate to get down below.

Overall: Great
Hike: Difficult

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Canyon Falls - Baraga County, Mich.

Sturgeon River
south of L'Anse, Mich.

One of the most beautiful hiking treks in the U.P. takes visitors along a canyon and one of the most beautiful stretches of river and falls in the state. The main drop of Canyon Falls is an often-visited stop reached from a roadside park off the highway. A longer trip following a trail past that point leads to two more sets of falls that most visitors don't get to see.
The trail leading from the parking is an easy, wide one that goes through the woods for a quarter mile then meets the river for the remainder of the around one mile journey. Here the river makes its big plunge, and Canyon Falls can be seen and experienced in all of its glory.
Hopping the fence to get pictures like this puts you on a flat rock, but watch for sharp drops. Occasional trips here will find people jumping off the cliff and into the river. For further adventure, follow the trail that begins past these falls, up and around following the river on top of a high canyon wall. The next major drop, of between five and ten feet is a half-mile to 3/4-mile past the main falls.
Shortly after this drop, the Upper Falls are reached, where the canyon ends and the whole area opens up. These falls are a gradual slide of around 20-feet and while not tall, the contrast between this drop and the first makes for a wonderful all-around waterfall experience.
Getting there: the roadside park is off of US-41, south of L'Anse in Baraga County. Signs for the trail are self explanatory and the trail starts in the southwest corner of the parking lot.

Overall: Great
Hike: Moderate