Thursday, March 14, 2013

Partridge Falls - Pigeon River, Minnesota

Pigeon River
Grand Portage, Minnesota

Somehow I have never posted the photos/video from one of my favorite finds of the 2012 Lake Superior Circle Tour: Partridge Falls. While not visited nearly as often as High Falls or Middle Falls inside Grand Portage State Park, these falls are amazing and worth the sometimes rough drive to get to them. We got nervous 2-3 times while driving back on a very rough Partridge Falls Rd. but in the end we found the parking area by a very abandoned cabin, made the short hike toward the sound of roaring water, and were blown away by how up close these falls are!
It was hard to get down for a good view as it's a steep drop off, and the spray makes most rocks, branches etc. incredibly slippery. This was worth it though as the view of the falls fills up almost the entire viewfinder of the camera and shows how powerful this river is!
In case you're wondering if you're in the right place, this is what the cabin at the end of Partridge Falls Rd. looks like:

Getting there: heading north on Hwy 61, turn left onto CR-17 (or Mineral Center Rd.) and follow for six miles to Partridge Falls Rd. (was a green sign with bullet holes through it). Turn left and follow this rough, rough road for a little over four miles to the river. Keep an eye on your odometer and you should be fine. Park by the cabin, take the trail (overgrown old two track) to the right for 1/4 mile and watch for the falls, and enjoy!
Overall: Amazing
Hike: Moderate

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