Friday, January 3, 2014

Schweitzer Falls - Palmer, Mich.

Schweitzer Creek
Palmer, Mich.

The Schweitzer Creek Falls near Palmer are not far away from Warner Falls, and while the drop here may not be as steep the setting is great and this makes for a quick side trip while in the area. It requires some trail-blazing hiking through the woods to get to the falls, but when we visited in November of 2006 we had little trouble making it in and out. It was wet and there had been significant recent rainfall, which seems to have helped the flow of these falls. The drop here is about 10 feet, and there were many angles for photographs. I later learned that there is an upper falls as well, and this summer I hope to make it back to the area to check that out.

Getting there: We followed the directions in the Penrose book, which starts by taking M-35 south of Palmer to its intersection with CR-565. Take a right onto 565, stay on 565 when it splits CR-476. After about three miles total the road will cross the creek, watch for a road (possibly driveway) off to the right. We parked here and headed through the woods to the creek, about five minutes. Use appropriate caution on wet banks and wet rocks.

Overall: Good
Hike: Moderate

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