Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wawa Falls and Silver Falls - Wawa, Ontario

<<Important note: construction in the area has made reaching these falls trickier but not impossible. When we were there in June 2014, the bridge was almost completed. It may be wise to check for updates with the local travel bureaus before attempting a visit.>>

The Wawa, Ontario area is great for waterfall enthusiasts, as there are three easily accessible waterfalls located within five miles of each other. This post will look at two that are reached from the same parking area, and a follow-up post will look at the most impressive falls in the area. Wawa Falls and Silver Falls are located just south of town and only a mile or so from Highway 17, and both are impressive in height and water flow.
Wawa Falls is the lower set of falls on the Silver River here, and is reached by following a footpath to the left of the bridge crossing the river. It is rocky and steep here, so use all necessary caution while reaching the bottom for a better view of the falls. Depending on water levels, this XXX foot high cascade can possibly be viewed from a better vantage point farther out (as seen in the video above)
Silver Falls seems to var quite a bit in water flow, and signs in the area indicate that is due to the river being dammed in places. It is possible to get quite close to these falls, but caution must be used when the alarm sounds and water levels rise. Head to the right of the bridge, or cross it and head to the right - either way you will end up with a solid view of these falls. A short video shows the falls in 2012 and the surrounding area including the old bridge:

On Highway 17 south of Wawa, head west on Michipicoten River Village Rd. Turn right when you reach a T intersection and follow to the bridge - Silver Falls is off to the right
and Wawa Falls are off to the left.
 This book was a big help in leading us to these waterfalls the first time we visited:

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